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Tank Farm and Petroleum Storage Company Rotterdam

URLI IN LOGISTIEK BV provides tank farm services in the storage of petroleum and petrochemical products and product handling/transportation logistics services at the Rotterdam Terminal Netherlands. including Houston.

Our officials have a good understanding of the regulatory requirements, the available industry infrastructure in the culture we operate in. We are also able to perform tank storage duties in several locations around europe and at Houston Port texas while working efficiently across time zones to meet tight deadlines.

Our global reach and knowledge minimises project commercial and technical risks and provides clients with cost effective and fit-for-purpose solutions.

We have alliances with other tank storage companies that offer complimentary skill sets to provide clients with a one-stop tank farm services and logistics in the transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products.


Tank Storage

Our tank farms are capable of storing any quantity of products at our terminals.


With associates integrated in the shipping industry we provide best rates.

Product Quality

We ensure that each product shipped in or out of our network is of top standards.

Analysis and Testing

In conjunction with other inspection institutions we conduct analysis for client.



Robert Thumpkins

Tank Farm Control

Houston Department USA Texas


Lydia Scaramelli

Tank Farm Control

Rotterdam Department Netherlands


Mitchell van Dongen

Chief Executive Officer

Urli In logistiek Tank Farm


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